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Hyoyeon SNSD Profile

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Hyoyeon SNSD / Girls Generation Profile

Hyoyeon is a cute girl who was born in 22nd September 1989. She has a long name Kim Hyo Yeon. Well, she is good, especially in dancing. Her dancing ability has leaded her to be the first leader of the dancer in the SNSD.

The girl who has been called as an apple princess has shown the best performance in the stage. She has learned about singing and dancing about six years and 1 month. It has been said that all members of the SNSD are the best girls who have a beautiful face and the great skill. Dancing has become her hobby since she was young. She has weight about 48 kilogram and height about 160cm. The cute face of Hyoyeon has helped her in grabbing the audience attention.

  • Stage Name : HyoYeon
  • Birth Name : Kim Hyo Yeon
  • Nicknames : Princess Fiona, Dancing Queen, Hyorengi (Tiger)
  • Date of Birth : September 22, 1989
  • Place of Birth : Incheon, South Korea
  • Occupations : Singer, dancer, model, actress, rapper
  • Position in SNSD : Supporting Vocalist & Main Dancer
  • Motto : Everyone that works hard will succeed.
  • Languages : Korean (Fluent) , English (Basic) , Chinese (Fluent) , Japanese (Basic)
  • Height : 158cm
  • Weight : 48kg
  • Blood Type : AB
  • School : 2004.3~8 Studied Mandarin Chinese in Beijing, China
  • Casted : 2000 SM Casting System
  • Fancafe : [Venus Hyoyeon]
  • Duration of Training : 6 years and 1 month
  • Labels : S.M. Entertainment
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